Cooking With Kids: Banana Bread Cookies

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I love banana bread, so when I first saw this recipe for banana bread cookies, I had to try it. They have become my all time favorite cookie recipe. The cookies are easy to make, and so delicious! They are very moist and taste like the perfect combination of banana bread and chocolate chip cookies. My favorite part is I don’t feel too guilty when I eat them because they have banana and oats.

Buddy and I made these before Thanksgiving to bring with us on our 9 hour car trip. (These were a great car snack – delicious, filling, and satisfying!) This was Buddy’s first time baking cookies with me, and he had a great time.

The first thing we did was to put the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in a medium bowl. I measured the ingredients, and Buddy put them in the bowl. 

Then we put two sticks of butter into the mixer, and whipped them until they were fluffy. This was Buddy’s first chance to use the stand mixer, and he thought that it was amazingly fun! I let him turn it on and off (with close guidance), and he thought that was the best!

We added some brown sugar and whipped it up some more. I measured it out, and then I put it into a bowl to make it easier for Buddy to add on his own. 

Then we added two bananas, vanilla, and eggs to the butter mixture. We turned the mixer on low to combine the ingredients. Usually I have old bananas in the freezer that I use for these cookies, but this time we happened to have two very ripe bananas on hand. 

Next we added the flour mixture into the batter. This was a little messy for Buddy, but not too bad. 

Last, we added oats and chocolate chips to the batter. The recipe also calls for walnuts or pecans, which I’ve never used. Then we stirred it briefly before turning off the mixer.

Once everything was mixed, Buddy and I used soup spoons to form balls of cookie dough. (The recipe says to use a teaspoon, but I prefer bigger cookies.) Then we baked them at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes. I totally forgot to take a picture of our final product, but they were great! Since we had a ton of cookies, I took a bunch to school and they disappeared almost immediately!

You can get the full recipe on White Lily’s site here.




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