Decorating Dinosaurs

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This Christmas season, Buddy and I decorated play doh Christmas trees with pony beads. I got the idea from Child Care Land’s blog, and Buddy loved it! But I had other things to blog about in December, so I never got a chance to blog about this activity. 

Since Buddy loved it so much, I wanted to take the idea and adapt it to something besides a Christmas tree. Since Buddy is interested in dinosaurs, I decided to use dinosaur cookie cutters and decorate them with spots. This could easily be done with any shape though – other animals or even letters and numbers. (These are the cookie cutters that I have and they’re great! affiliate link)

Buddy and I started by rolling out playdoh and cutting out the dinosaur shapes. He loved using the cookie cutter to get his dinosaurs.

Then Buddy used the pony beads to give his dinos spots. He had a great time squishing the beads into the playdoh!


Buddy decorated two dinosaurs, and then he decided to play with the third one instead of decorating it. He made the dino walk around the table, and then the dino went swimming in the beads. 

Buddy loved having a new, fun way to play with playdoh. I’m sure we’ll do this again soon.

Do you have other fun and easy play doh ideas? Please share in the comments.


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