Best Toys For Infants 0-6 Months

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Christmas is just around the corner, and I’m already thinking about the items I want to put on Buddy’s wish list. Any time I’ve gone to buy things for Buddy, I’ve always looked for ideas from other moms. When buying toys, I want things that will entertain Buddy for a long time (at least 15 minutes in one setting) and will last for a long time (at least 6 months, and for older age toys, preferably at least a year). These 10 toys were Buddy’s favorites as an infant, and several are even still being enjoyed today at 19 months.

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1. Freddie the Firefly


Freddie was Buddy’s first toy. The back side of the wings are black and white patterns, and he loved looking at them as an infant. As Buddy got older, he loved all the sounds the firefly makes (crinkly wings, squeaker, jingles) and all the textures on his body. The rings at the bottom were also fun for him to pull. I love that the ring at the top made it easy to clip Freddie onto the diaper bag or stroller. Buddy loved this toy from 0-14 months, and I was really sad when he outgrew it.

2. OBall Rattles


We have a lot of different OBall rattles, and we love them all. They are easy to grab, and there are lots of different parts to look at. Buddy still plays with the OBall car, and I’m sure he will continue to do so for a long time. We have played with these from 1 month – 19 months.

3. Kick and Play Piano Gym


This piano gym was Buddy’s favorite activity for a long time. There was one point in time that we loved this so much that a friend loaned us another one so we could have one on each floor of our house. Buddy loved kicking the piano and making music. He also loved all of the dangling objects. We still have this out in our family room, and Buddy still likes to play with the keyboard. So far it’s lasted us from ages 1 month – 19 months.

4. Indestructibles Books

These are the best books for travel! They take up literally no space in the diaper bag, which is amazing. They were also the first book that really held Buddy’s attention (at about 3 months). We have a couple with animals and some nursery rhymes as well. Right now Buddy is obsessed with books, so these are great to throw in the diaper bag any time I know we’ll be waiting. (Am I old fashioned in wanting Buddy to be doing something besides looking at my phone in a doctor’s office?) We were introduced to these at age 3 months and we are still loving them at 19 months.

5. Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium

When Buddy was smaller, he really loved watching the fish when he was awake and in the crib. It was great for holding his attention while I used the bathroom or threw in a load of laundry. Buddy still has it in his crib, but he doesn’t look at it as much anymore. I would recommend it for ages 0-12 months.

6. Sophie the Giraffe


Buddy was very picky with his teething toys, and Sophie was one of the only ones he liked. Thankfully he is done with teething, but he still likes Sophie and her squeak. I love that Sophie is the perfect size to throw in the diaper bag and is easy to clean. I would recommend Sophie for teething infants (for us that was 6 months – 18 months).

7. Hello Baby Mirror Board Book

It might be the reading teacher in me, but I wanted to read with Buddy as a newborn. The Hello Baby Mirror Board Book has high contrast pictures that are interesting to newborns. There are many different books in this series, but I liked this one the best because of the mirror. Buddy liked the mirror a lot. We enjoyed this book from ages 0 – 9 months.

8. Taggies clip toy


We named our Taggies clip toy Ellie, and she went everywhere with us during Buddy’s first year. Buddy loved the crinkly fabric and the silky tags. I love how easy it is to bring Ellie along because she takes up very little space. I would recommend Taggies toys for ages 0-12 months.

9. Exercise ball

I bought an exercise ball towards the end of my pregnancy, and thank goodness I did. Bouncing on the ball was the only thing that would calm Buddy down. Beyond that, bouncing on the ball together is an activity that we continue to do together. I would recommend an exercise ball for any age.

10. Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer


We used this bouncer at my cousin’s house on Buddy’s first road trip. He loved it so much, we ended up taking it back home with us. Buddy wasn’t into swings, but he loved the bouncer because he could move it himself. He outgrew it at 6 months, but he loved it so much, I had to put it on this list. I would recommend it for ages 1-6 months.

Stay tuned for more recommendations for older infants. And if you have any ideas for great toys for 18 months – 2 year olds, I’d love to hear them!

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