Duplo Busy Bag

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This July, my family is taking two different plane trips. Buddy has flown many times before (read about some of our activities here and here). However, he’s changed a lot since our last flight at Christmas. I wanted some new travel activities to keep him busy.

Since Buddy loves Duplos, I wanted to make a small Duplo busy bag to take on the plane. I looked around for something on Pinterest, but I didn’t find many options that I liked. Buddy has just started making small designs from pictures, but he can only do ones with a few blocks. I decided to make some simple figures, take pictures, and laminate them. Then I put them together on a ring. Buddy can pick out a picture and then make the figure. Most of the blocks are from this kit and this kit (affiliate links), but a few pieces are from other Lego sets.

Buddy was so excited to see his Legos on the airplane! The whole set was too big for our travel bag, so I chose a smaller set of cards and blocks. He loved picking out the pictures and making them. The only problem is that he wanted to make the bus from this set (affiliate link), and I didn’t have all the blocks. Other than that, it was great.

I’ve included a link to my PDF below for anyone else that is interested in making a Duplo busy bag. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions!

Duplo Busy Bag

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